• If Popeye the Sailor ate cabbage instead of spinach, his song would have ended on a different note.
  • spinach
    • Linda Joy
      Wow, you didn't even look at the link, did you? Guess you will continue to be WRONG!
    • bostjan64
      Hi Linda, I'm not sure if the people who made the article changed it or what, but it currently (13 Oct 2022) says that spinach is rated 53 points, above cabbage's 35 points.
  • I'm just learning that cabbage is healthier. It is a natural probiotic and has a myriad of other health benefits. Next time I go to the store I'll be buying around 3 heads of cabbage - two to make fermented sauerkraut and one to make cabbage steaks, fried cabbage, and cabbage soup. I've never tried making sauerkraut, but it sounds easy. And I love the other two dishes I mentioned.

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