• I'm not exactly rake thin myself so in no place to criticise but I do still fit through doorways. I think it depends how the person carries it, on a base level I prefer curves to the anorexic "size zero" look but am turned off by an excess of belly folds.
  • I like some smaller BBWs not the real large ones.
  • I admire classical renaissance art which depicts women as larger, a reflection of the times, harking back to ancient Greece, where women were deemed more attractive as it was a demonstration of wealth and fertility, thinner women were deemed more of a masculine figure and related to hard work, and lack of money. I find a woman's physique quite sensual, due to the fleshiness, she is reflected as mother earth, and mother of all mankind, what's not to admire? SHE comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • i married a sexy little wog chick . Now when we goto the beach greenies try push her into the water. I still love her the same. even thou we can't live together we couldn't live together when she was thin .
  • Why should I admire someone with an eating disorder?
    • Linda Joy
      No one mentioned an eating disorder.
    • Hulk70166
      Severe Obesity is caused by an eating disorder. Nobody wants to weigh 400lbs, nor could if they felt full after a sandwich and chips.
  • I love people for WHO they are...not WHAT they are!!! I had a 10 year relationship with a 550 pound man who treated me like a queen!!! Being totally honest, when looking for a cheap thrill, I prefer my eye candy to be a slender young man with a tight 6-pack...yet, he's NOT the one that I prefer to love because he loves himself MORE than I ever could love him & he doesn't have anymore love to share with me!!! I don't see love as a 50/50 proposition. I see it as 100/100 form of sharing!!! Truth is that I'm NOT really a fat admirer nor am I disgusted by it as EVERYBODY serves a purpose in my life NO matter their size or looks!!! 😍
  • I think everyone has their range of tastes. The women to which I've been attracted over my lifetime have ranged from thin to thick, but generally have been thicker than average. It should probably go without saying that physical attraction matters when you get an initial impression of a person, but, over time, it matters less and less, as there are much more important things that are more difficult to tell from just laying eyes on someone. But, anyway, I think that everyone is a little of both, and it's natural. Generally speaking, attraction works on a chemical level, and things work out the way they do finding a potential partner based on who might be the best with which to mate and produce progeny, so, healthier people are generally more attractive, since healthier genes generally means healthier and more successful progeny. If someone is atypically thin or atypically heavy, it might give the impression of poor health, which tells the brain that the person is unattractive. And what a person considers atypical is probably simply based on their own experiences with people they have met previously...

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