• why does the fridge need to be connected to the internet? Do we need to be spied on in every room? Unless people are too stupid to make a shopping list there is really no need. concentrate on energy efficiency and keep the price down.
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      Excellent March 19 2022
  • I'd say that it is NOT worth the extra money,'s a nice feature to have a fridge warn you automatically (by text) if it's stopped working, or if some careless idiot (which might be me! but probably not) has left the door open. Why: because the food in the fridge might be worth $100. - But, see, that does NOT justify the cost of - say - $300+ for the smart fridge as opposed to the equivalent stupid fridge. *** Conclusion: buying a smart fridge is stupid.
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      Excellent March 20 2022
  • Uses less space who knows
  • Use in a dorm room or in a man-cave.

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