• That depends upon the evidence, its strength, how it was gathered, how it is interpreted, etc. If it is convincing evidence, I change my beliefs. I won't change my beliefs based upon a single study done by a special interest group who put a spin on the findings. I will change my beliefs if years (not centuries...if we have centuries of study, I've already changed my mind) of scientific study produces clear, compelling, and reproducable evidence that contradicts what I believe.
  • If there was evidence, faith would not be a requirement….God has made sure He can not be scientifically proven. Yet, humble heart will see Him clearly. Faith is required, and resultant “works” is evidence of Faith. Read entire epistle of James, it addresses this issue very specifically… The act of believing, based on evidence is just a belief, identical to cultural religion or tradition. The Faith in contrast, does not need evidence because it’s a reflective truth of God that is packaged as a gift, so one could indeed “believe” and “know” that He is. It’s revealed to the heart of the person, not to his/her intellect. Brain would try to analyze it, heart would not. A recipient of this “gift of Faith” acknowledges the receipt of this precious gift by giving his/her life over to God, which then results in life of “good works” becoming very evident. These good works are brought about as an offering from a new born creature to his/her maker. It’s not the same as good works production to attain approval of God or earn the salvation.
  • I have changed beliefs in view of evidence. My core beliefs have stood the test of time and there has yet to surface any evidence that is strong enough to shake them. It is unlikely to happen because it would need to be overwhelming to offset the evidence I have already internalized. However, I am constantly having my assumptions challenged and revised on a number of issues.
  • If the evidence is strong enough and has been scientifically analyzed, then yes, I would change my beliefs.
  • My faith is solely based on the evidence presented. The reason I believe in Jehovah is because I have searched out the real answers the Bible provides. Everything I have seen from Science and this world, this system of things, has only served to bolster my beliefs. Would I change my beliefs if the evidence changed? Of course. Fortunately, I don't have to. My theory has been consistent for years (millenia) and hasn't needed to change at all. On the other hand, evolutionists have shown the ability to change their beliefs as the evidence changes only because they have to. Every 10 years the theory is indistinguishable from what it was prior to that, since it has to constantly adapt around the latest evidence. Not to mention multiple instances of proponents of evolution going so far as to fabricate the 'evidence'. All evidence shows that in the theory of evolution, the only thing that is evolving is the theory. One example of 'adaptation' in evolution is in the movie/book Jurassic Park. That book, or series, was based on the very popular belief that Dinosaurs were related to birds, because of a 'missing link' - the Archaeoraptor, a dinosaur with feathers. Even the movies make note of it. Unfortunately, that missing link, that whole line of thought, etc.....was all based on a forgery ( Something VERY common in the study of evolution.....why is it so common though? Because evolutionists have a blind faith. They are determined in finding a way to rationalize away God and the abundant evidence there is that we have a creator. Unfortunately, unlike true Christians, they have no evidence to back up their faith. So, if you can't trust science, who can you trust? Common sense. Look at your body, the ingenuity of the human brain, hand, eye, ear & millions of other processes and capabilities, each far more complex than any man could design. Look at all the other species of plants and animals - millions, all specifically designed for how they live. Ask yourself if that all could have happened by a series of random mistakes......the answer is quite clear. Yes, we have a creator and his name is Jehovah.
  • If there were irrefutable proof that "a" god existed I would gladly change my beliefs from what they are currently, but if proof were to come out that there were no god (missing link,etc..) I don't think anybody with any type of religious faith would change their views. The three major monotheism religions will stand until they destroy each other because they all think they are right and the rest are wrong, I think they are all wrong, but I would change
  • yes definitely and i have done. people are afraid to be proved differently as it alters their world which affects their comfort zone and security so they find it difficult to listen to anyone elses opinions.They are worried that others may have a point and that they may have to re-evaluate their beliefs. Basically they don't like change. e.g some bible bashers
  • Absolutely Not! I have a firm knowledge and Testimony of my beliefs and doctrines. Evidence is always subject to the individual viewing and interpreting such. There has been no piece of evidence to date that is accepted equally by all Scientists and Scholars! No evidence is universally accepted by all Scientists or Scholars as being complete or fact! Why would anyone base their religious beliefs on man's interpretation of evidence which will surely be reversed by some other evidence recently found by another Scientist? I know what I know and no amount of evidence can change that...whew4
  • I would change my beliefs.
  • I'd change if there's enough of strong scientific or proper rational evidence after some careful research.
  • I would weigh it up and consider it, if I believed it to be real evidence then it would change my beliefs. Knowing me though, I would still continue to re-evaluate my new belief... I think its only healthy.
  • I would bow my head to the truth
  • I would take it into consideration...research it and see what I believed after the facts...
  • I'd love to see what the users "Wraith of God" and "Jesus how great thou art" would say to this. MY response: If there is qualitatively and quantitatively concrete evidence that contradicts one's beliefs, I feel they have a duty to either (a) accept the evidence, or (b) admit their bias
  • I would change only if the evidence was %100 truth and proven without any doubt. All is based on faith though, so it would be hard to find things that %100 prove something wrong.
  • If it was genuine evidence I would have no option but to change my beliefs.
  • I always go with uninterpreted data. Physical evidence cannot be disputed.
  • I have already done so. I now am a Muslim! Salaam
  • Evidence is not proof!! There would have to be alot of evidence to sway my belief system without actual proof.I am a Mathematician, so I need PROOF! Remember, only 1 counterexample is needed to destroy a theory.
  • We live our lives with no choice but to have experiences and learn new things……we cannot deny our experiences…….we can choose to believe facts that are proven or deny that the facts are true. I would do my research before I give up the faith I hold in my belief system. But my experiences I cannot deny or forget so it would be pretty hard to change the roots for which my beliefs grow. Nice Q +5
  • well there is a difference between evidence and proof.
  • I would definitely have to look into it and research it out and see.
  • I always am seeking proof.

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