• I don't "celebrate" it per se, although it's still a fun time of the year. It's one of those holidays that still take me back to my childhood - wearing those pre-formed plastic masks that kept slipping down over your eyes and only had a small opening on the mouth to breathe through. 😅. I hated those things.
    • Linda Joy
      I have memories of taking my son and grandson out.
    • Army Veteran
      Sounds like it's been a long time. It sounds like time to make some new memories. Take your son and grandson out again this year.
    • Linda Joy
      New memories for sure, but not possible with my son and grandson at this point in time.
  • Yes. My kids enjoy Halloween by dressing up and going out to the community Halloween Carnival and then doing a bit of Trick or Treating.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Aww that is nice
  • I bought a shrunke head. I tied its hair in two parts and I hung it on my front door knob. lol😗
  • I'll get a bottle of Fireball and conjure up a few spirits.
  • No I don't celebrate Halloween , I think it is ore an American and Canadian thing .
  • No , I did when I was a kid & I also did when My 2 kids were young back in the olden times when it was still safe to trust treats from anonymous strangers.. Now I dont celebrate Samhain or any other Pagan religious events. I do buy a bag of candy to hand out as protection money to any little heathens who knock on my door & threaten to tip over my outhouse.

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