• Yes, certainly. Naturally, it helped me to understand the topic and/or alternate belief system. In fact: I'm quite fascinated with foreign cultures, and perhaps especially foreign religions ("foreign" in the wider sense: "different from my own", not necessarily foreign in origin). I've read the entire Bullfinch's Mythology (the real book, not the simplified abridged stuff they typically provide you in school) and the entire Mabinogion (WONDERFUL stories), as well as at least a little bit of several other extinct religions, and I've also explored (at least a little) several existing religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Shintoism.
  • Learning both sides of the story is the only way to make informed decisions - something Liberals today are unable to do.
  • Yes, but I didn't always. They helped me understand better in some cases, but some just seemed ridiculous. And some I hit a point and just quit reading. I'm not going to sign on to any religion that says its ok to have sex with your own mother. The Bible has a whole list of people you shouldn't have sex with and the mother is one. Incest is wrong and hurtful to the child.
    • bostjan64
      Weren't Abraham and Sarah brother and sister? Oh, but that one's not forbidden in either Levitical law or Deuteronomic code.
    • Creamcrackered
      Sarah was Abrahams niece. Bit like the Rothschild's they all marry nieces and uncles.

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