• Rosemary, sage and bay for cooking. I use lavender, and peppermint for aromatherapy. For medicinal I use tea tree oil, valerian root and camomile.
    • Linda Joy
      I use peppermint in my cpap water reservoir. It works great for keeping my nasal passages open without using any medications.
    • Creamcrackered
      Great tip!
    • Creamcrackered
      My partner and I went to a family members funeral, it was 38 degrees centigrade outside, and my other half was wearing a long sleeved shirt (the only shirt he owns), and said he was going to be drenched with sweat by the time he got there (being the hairy man he is didn't help), hence I already had an idea and covered us with essential oil in a carrier which included peppermint, then wiped the excess off, he put his shirt on, by the time we got to the crematoriums chapel we were both as cool as cucumbers, no sweat nothing.
  • For cooking, I smell the herb/spice and use whatever one's aroma complements the dish I'm making. I don't do aromatherapy, and for medicinal purposes, all I use is Himalayan sea salt with water. Having emphysema, it keeps my respiratory system clear.

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