• Lace Front Wigs The material used for the foundation is the fundamental distinction between these two types of wigs. The front element of a lace front wig is made of a sheer lace base. The lace in some lace front wigs covers the entire front half of the wig, whereas in others it is just utilized for a few inches. The rest of the base is comprised of a more substantial, but nevertheless comfortable, material. Because the lace is nearly undetectable from the front, lace front wigs appear incredibly natural. Hair can be parted on the sides or in the center. Lace front wigs are also simply adhered to your head with an adhesive along your hairline above your brow. Full lace wigs Full lace wigs, on the other hand, have a totally lace foundation. The lace material effectively covers the entire head, including the rear. As a result, full lace wigs are more versatile because they can be styled into up-dos, braids, and a variety of other hairstyles that a front lace wig cannot. The full lace front is made from virgin remy human hair.

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