• *** #3 *** You go home and find all of your stuff has been thrown onto the front lawn *** #2 *** You go home and find your significant other in bed with someone else. *** AND the #1 DEAD GIVEAWAY that your relationship is doomed *** Your significant other calls you and says, "Let's meet at [insert name of restaurant/diner]. We need to talk..."
  • they stop talking to ya and they pack their bags
  • You are afraid to answer the phone.😉
  • From the male perspective it's The Pattern. The gal starts out seemingly gaga over you, like you're the perfect man. This subsides into you're not quite perfect, but still better than all the other guys...which slowly moves into you ain't perfect, but no worse that the other guys, and still good enough. Next comes you have some flaws, but with a few tweaks from the gal, you can be made perfect... which later moves into you requiring a major overhaul from the gal to even meet her standards. If you are dumb enough to put up with all this, it won't be long before she is bitching that you ain't the man she fell in love with. At that point you wanna slap her upside the back of the head (like Mark Harmon used to do that guy on NCIS), and say "no sweetness you gave me a major renovation, remember? What's the matter? You don't like your handiwork?" Or you can do like I used to, watch for The Pattern, and terminate the relationship half way through, at the tweaking stage. Once the 'honeymoon phase' is over, there ain't much reason to hang around anyway.
  • Physical violence in the relationship.
  • Getting an invitation to the other person's wedding.
  • That you are asking this question. lol. No, if one or both parties are not happy with themselves, BEING by themselves, they'll never have a happy relationship with someone else until then. Communication is key. God, I was so sick of hearing that until one day I realized it truly was like finding a Willy Wonka golden ticket! Again, if one or both parties, cannot sit down to a CIVIL DISCUSSION to address the issue, taking turns LISTENING to each other, and finally resolving it by one or the other conceding, one or both compromising or realizing that the other was correct the whole time, or, and this does happen and it's PERFECTLY ok, AGREE TO DISAGREE, thereby now putting this issue in the "Resolved" column, which exists in the "Past" column, so it is no longer free game to be brought up as a "problem" again. If instead, you and/or your partner attempt to out-yell the other, bringing up the past, keeping score, doing tit for tat, or arguing in circles, clearly not searching for a resolution, then it's time to part ways and take that opportunity to learn about yourself to the core. Your good's, bad's, and uglies, and fix those uglies, give the bad's a tune-up. Become a happier person. It takes work to prepare yourself to be in a relationship with someone else. If you can't maintain yourself, how are you going to maintain a relationship involving 2 people? And you should always find out and know what your and your partner's Love Language (you can Google "5 Love Languages quiz for her/him", there's a different one for each gender) is and see how many arguments, miscommunications, and misunderstandings it WIPES out of your relationship instantly! In a relationship 2 people TEND to find themselves thinking that the other doesn't make them happy anymore. They don't love you anymore. You love seeing the smile on his face and the way it makes you feel to leave him little love notes or a card you bought for no reason in his briefcase or lunch for work, you constantly pick up thoughtful little gifts for him for no other reason than to make him happy. You know you would fall head over heels in love with him again if he did that for you, but he seems more occupied after being gone to work all day, avoiding you when he gets home by taking the trash out, checking the oil in your vehicle, doing a load of laundry, whatever. Guess what? BOTH of you are telling each other you love them, but in your OWN love language. Leaving notes and buying stuff? That falls under the Love Language "Gifts". That's something YOU would like someone to do for YOU, so when they don't, you feel like they don't really love you. What he's doing, chores around the house, checking oil in your car is HIS love language of "Acts and Services". He's busy all the time and he knows if someone just came along and took some stuff off his plate and helped him out without him saying anything, that would make him feel loved, so even after a long day at work, he checks your oil, making sure you are safe, and does a few things around the house for you to show you he loves you. The 5 Love Languages are: Quality Time, Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, and Acts and Services. You both just need to take the short quiz, it will give you your score in each Love Language, so you can list them from your top to bottom and so can he and then you can understand each other and take a lot of bickering away and put a lot of love back in. Relationships are hard and take great work. If both parties aren't 100% committed to making it work, to fix themselves, to do anything to save the relationship, then it won't work. Duct tape won't even be able to save it. ;) Good luck!
  • He makes excuses why he can't stay overnight.
  • When there's such a drastic change in her attitude that it's obvious she's trying to get rid of you. Example, my ex was a perfect sweetheart for the first nine months with me, but a total B**ch the last two months before she broke up with me.
  • They lie about where they have been and who they were with.

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