• I do like a lot of it.
  • I like old soul music, Motown sort of stuff.
  • love oldies and classic rock
  • I grew up during the time when "oldies" songs were top 10 tunes on the Billboard charts. The '60s and '70s were the best time for music - almost any genre was equally popular and had the chance to be a number one hit. You never had that before or since - that's why it will always be such a popular era.
  • Depends on your definition of "oldies music", I like a lot of old music including some jazz & blues recorded before WW2 but I fear that I remember when a lot of what you consider "oldies music" was new...
  • Since I am an oldie: yes. Anyone who like music but doesn't like oldies day, the music they like WILL be oldies music.
  • Yes I like oldies music from the 50s, 60s 70s on to the 90s. I like rock & roll, rock, folk rock, Southern rock, including swamp rock, R&B, soul, fusion etc.
  • Do you mean: music from 2000-2010?
  • 12 august 2022~ i sure do.... 70s and before
  • Yes. Most of the oldies songs are great and then you come across singers and bands these days who ruin an oldies song by doing a cover version or a remix. It’s very rarely that a remix or cover version of an oldies song is good in a unique way.
      I agree mostly. I think many songs that have been redone have been redone quite well - even better than the original in many cases. Maybe only 1 in 10 are better than the original...but that's a lot, considering how many oldies have been redone. Some examples to support my contention: Hot Rod Lincoln (better: Commander Cody), Land of 1000 Dances (better: J Giles), MacArthur Park (better: Donna Summer), I Love Rock 'n' Roll (better: Joan Jett).
    • Shadow
      I know it's each to their own because when it comes to music each person has their own opinion on songs. It's an individual opinion.

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