• Bigfoot is alive and well and living in my back yard. I feed him him leftovers. The neighbors don't like him because they say he eats their pets and that he needs a bath. I never get to see him that much. I only got to see him once, I think, when he growled at me. 😈😌😅😆😇 He only comes out at night. I live near a sewer in the Pacific NW. lol
  • No they're pretty much just fabrications. Humans weren't around to see dinosaurs, and you may be sure that they were pretty familiar with what real ice age animals existed in their various locales. Our ancient ancestors were imaginative, though, no less so than we are, and they easily imagined winged horses and hybrid animals like hippogriffs and so forth, in the contexts of their myths and legends. Why not?
  • Some possibly are (in fact: some once thought mythical have been PROVEN to exist, including famously recently the Okapi), but most are likely creatures that never existed in the real world, pure figments of human imagination.
  • There is no direct evidence of mythical creatures such as Dragons, Santa Claus, Jesus, Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster and Yoda, but many people believe that they once existed or still exist.

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