• When an artist makes an album, they record dozens and dozens of songs. Some record 50 or 60 songs. I've heard as many as onehundred for a single album(this comming directly from the artist). So after Tupac died there were a large nuber of songs never released by the record lable, therefore making it easy to put out songs. As long as the lable still has his vocals, they can put out as many songs as Tupac has ever recorded.
  • maybe he's really not dead like everyone says, well they use alot of his unreleased clips and put them with other artists (like eminem) and release new songs and albums all the money made from his albums goes o the tupac memorial for the arts or something like that I believe his mother afeni shakur is in control of his music
  • Tupac isn't dead he's faking his death like his mother did,he will back in due time.
  • maybe he has recorded these a long time ago and the company is relsing them now
  • Because he's alive. And in hiding :-)
  • I still don't get it cuz I'm listening to him now with Eminem and the song is newish and his rap goes with the beat really well so is that like just coincidence?
  • artists record lots of different tracks - they chose the ones for the albums and the others are stored for future albums/releases if they are not right for the particular album! There is also the freguently asked question of whether Tupac Ameru Shakur is actually dead, although there is enough evidence to suggest that he is infact dead - there are still questions surrounding his death - like why was he not wearing his bulletproof vest when he ALWAYS wore it - but such questions cannot be counted as evidence that he is alive - there was an inquest... therefore the suggestion that he is still alive and makin music is not 100% provable so all in all they are past recorded, mixed and sampled!!!
  • shhh.... mummy's the word... I mean "mums the word" yeah....
  • They are old songs that are simply newly released.
  • he prerecorded more than 200 songz
  • A man listen the dude with the first answer or any body i know the fukking truth somewhere out that legend is alive im not talkin bout his spirt his body his blood flesh no i havent seen him but there is a song called aint hard to find me and it even says he is not dead him with his own words and theres to much evidence 4 him to be dead like on google go to unexpected twist: Tupac Alive and Well it has a report and interview with pac and the 7 day theory on youtube the hidden messeges on his songs and in alot of his songs he lives clues like he said "wip the tears from momma's eyes and tell her ill be back" i know it said sum like that and these facts are adding up he is coming back sumtime in the year of 2014 cuz thats how many years makailve faked his death 18 years look he read all makailves books he is doing exactly what makailves and supposably he had ppl that wanted to kill him and wanted to kill the ppl closet to him and i know he is alive sumwhere pac will return PAC 4 LIFE BABY comeback dawg come on we miss ya pac i know you out there
  • go with the first answer
  • Because he wants to.
  • Tupac is alive and he is using the rapper Blac Haze as an image. it is his creations and his voice (changed very slightly by weed and age). he is waiting until he is 43 in 2014 like mackaveli did back in the day... its not just ironic about his songs like not hard to find me, ghost, etc. there are also reverse messages saying shit like, " tired of the news and violence" and "chillin wit haze( the blac haze theory)" etc. this video and the video suggestions will prove it. yahoo messenger screen name is caffiene_master_03 and yes "caffeine" is spelled wrong i typed it wrong and didnt realize it until it was too late.

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