• No. I wasn't raised that way. I might also point out that you can bring dirt and dust into your home whether or not you wear shoes. Dust is mostly skin cells that we shed, and particles of dirt can easily sit on your clothing, in your hair, and on anything you carry. And do you have pets who go outdoors? What do you do about their feet? While I don't object to this rule for family, I hope you don't demand that your guests remove their shoes. It's really quite rude and suggests 1) that you think they are dirty, and 2) that your carpets are more important than they are. I once stepped on a piece of glass in a friend's kitchen after I took off my shoes in obedience of her house rule. She'd missed it when sweeping up after a breakage. I got blood all over her lovely floor. She never asked me to remove my shoes again.
    • RJ
      Thanks for your reply, and sorry that you stepped on a piece of glass in a friend's kitchen. I don't request visitors to my home to remove their shoes. However, visitors sometimes get the hint to remove their shoes when they spot my shoes at the entryway. It's no big deal if visitors to my home don't remove their shoes. No, I don't have any pets.
  • When I've been out in high heels I change into a pair of flats or flip-flops when I get home. Why are there so many questions on Q&A sites about this particular topic?
    • RJ
      Thanks for your answer! Don't know why there are many questions about the removal of shoes at the entryway of one's home. I remove my shoes as soon as I get home to avoid tracking dirt, etc. and for my comfort, since I only wear slippers at home.
  • No, but they're usually off by the time I reach the end of the runner.
    • RJ
      Thanks for your answer!
  • No unless they are snow covered or muddy.
  • I wasn't raised to do that, but as an adult in my own home, I do. Like you said, you bring in everything from outside into the house.
  • usually I remove all my clothes I come home covered in dirt and mud most days.

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