• If Yahoo Answers is shutting down I don't know the circumstances there?
    • bostjan64
      They just announced it publicly a couple of days ago. Probably ten years ago, AB and YA were sort of competitors, but since FB took over as the only acceptable mainstream social site and the popularity of Q&A sites dwindled, AB went defunct, then was reborn as what you see now, which is honestly nothing like the site was in its prime (in terms of features and also in terms of user engagement). And YA got a very shortlived boost of activity as a result of AB's sudden and unannounced disappearance from the WWW, but, ultimately, the decline in popularity caught up with YA as well, so here we are. There are other sites that are more similar to the old AB's style and features, but it feels like those sites are also past their prime in popularity as well.
    • Hulk70166
      YA was shut down because it became a "Cesspool of racism. " It was unregulated and very popular with Trumpsters. After Jan Sixth it became a danger to national security as too many white supremacists congregated there. Sad to see it go, it would have worked if the company had policed it more but they didn't so its gone. lol
  • Only a few will.😎
  • I'd say that if AB doesn't step up to the plate in the next couple of weeks, this site will likely suffer the same fate. I don't know if you've hung out here much, but the site is only half working and there are more tumbleweeds than active users at the moment. Yahoo answers certainly had it's own fair share of problems, but at least they clearly made an effort to keep the site working long after its decline. For actual Q&A, AB is not really structured for information as much as it is for entertainment, although some of us have tried to keep it functioning as a Q&A site. And for social nonsense, well, we all know which website has a monopoly on that.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't. Where's the nonsense?
  • I am here now. I have weaned myself off YA.
  • No. There is crotchety old or just limited of mind people in YA, so they can stay there.
  • Some of them are already here.
  • Certainly some users of Yahoo Answers will create accounts in Answerbag. I have used Yahoo Answers for over 10 years, and the shutting down of that website has prompted me to create an account in this question-and-answer website.

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