• I put this under power issues. I didn't know it was connected to games. I guess it should go under automotive somewhere because I was talking about electric charging stations for cars. Thank you, AB staff for putting it in the right category!
  • Petroleum is responsible for roughly 1% of utility electric generation in the USA (,geothermal%2C%20and%20solar%20thermal%20energy ). Even if it was 100%, it'd still be worth investigating the matter of efficiency. The maximum theoretical efficiency of a standard Otto cycle gasoline engine is around 36%. Large generators are typically above 98% efficient at generating electricity. Modern electric motors are about 85-90% efficient. So an electric car utilizes petroleum energy about 2.5x better than a gasoline-powered car, at least in the short term. There are further complications, though involved in producing the battery, utilizing the battery efficiently, and eventually disposing of the battery, which are things we need to work on if the future is going to be any cleaner.

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