• Its not like they're ONLY WEARING THONGS! Duh!
    • we-are-going-to-ibiza
      LOL. The question is if some thin pants alone can keep you warm...
    • Victorine
      Women don't wear thin pants alone in winter.
  • There is something to be said about seeing skin of a butt hit by cold, it reacts pretty interestingly.
  • we wear em on out feet here lol
  • In winter, women don't normally go bare-legged. They'd be wearing tights under a dress/skirt or leggings or trousers. Regular panties wouldn't keep the rear end appreciably warmer anyway. The fabric is too flimsy.
    • we-are-going-to-ibiza
      Well, personally I wouldn’t want to give up my cotton briefs or boxer briefs - still cold enough. But maybe that‘s because I‘m a guy ;) So you can wear thongs even in the coldest winter and don‘t switch to full coverage?
    • Victorine
      You don't need to if you're wearing leggings, trousers, jeans, tights, etc. OVER a thong. Women don't like visible panty lines in leggings, jeans, and trousers at any time of the year.

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