• Shut myself in the shed with duck tape over my mouth. Sorry, if it's a sensible answer you require, I try not to fill my kettle right up when I boil it so that it uses less electricity as it is a guzzler in that department, turn lights off if not in the room, wear clothes so heating doesn't go right up, spend time outside so heating off. I do my washing before the peak hours between 4pm and 12am. I don't have sky because I don't watch much TV, so only have freeview. Shop round for cheaper insurances. Look for deals in supermarket, use coupons.
    • LauraCostigun
      You already answered the question – save on food, entertainment, utilities, and housing. As for food, cut off on going out, buy raw products and cook the meals yourself. You cannot even imagine how much it can save. Then, turn off the heating in your house when you’re at work or sleeping. Usually, 15-30 minutes is enough to warm the house. As for utilities, that’s all about smart consumption – track how much you spend and reduce extra-consumption. I don’t think that’s enough to economize a lot. FitMyMoney has more materials on financial habits and attitude to money. In addition to economizing, try keeping a budget and manage your debts.
  • Make good investments.

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