• I love how AB's text parser has no problems with Greek letter pi, but crashes every time someone posts a back-apostrophe. Anyway, with your text formatting, I have no idea what you are trying to do, since there are a bunch of @'s and &'s and stuff that make no sense in this context. So, sorry I can't help you, but this problem is so time consuming and poorly copy/pasted, that I highly doubt anyone will help you unless you clean it up. If you are going to bother putting in the effort to cleaning up the question so that the relevant information is actually available, you might as well put that same effort into punching all of this into your graphing calculator or computer program to see what the answer is anyway.
    • Linda Joy
      I laughed so hard!!! I started laughing and pi and never stopped! Today is a good day in my world! Not only that they did that but you took so much time explaining... "DUDE! WTF do you expect us to do with this GIGO"

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