• By learning to adapt to changing situations and living long enough to procreate.
  • Most species adapt, however, humans now adapt their environment to suit them, to the point they no longer live in harmony with nature, in fact with the dumbing down of society, and the selfie culture, I'd say we are regressing. It's very odd, every creation story, tells of a time when man was a hunter gatherer, or a shepherd, and then we learned to till the land, to domesticate animals, crops, and ourselves, to the point that a select few now own the land (which is ludicrous because when man is born to the earth it is his right by inheritance), and so we are actually slaves or plebs to the landowners, who usually have stocks and shares in big corporations and banks, and so in ploughing the land, we became slaves, which today is modern day debt slavery. We may not live in prisons, but our cells are just ticky tacky boxes (houses), which we spend the large majority of our life paying for, along with buying stuff (con sumer ism) we don't need, to give us the illusion of happiness, only to retire on a pension that the government will take once we start losing our marbles, along with our homes. Ain't life grand?

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