• We've already got it over here, no it's not vaccine resistant as far as they've said, but it does spread more quickly. We've got two vaccines going now, the Pfizer which is 90% effective, (I know a number of people who have already had it), and the Oxford vaccine which is 70% effective, but can be stored easier and so is being pushed out faster, both vaccines require 2 doses, but the latter has a gap of 12 weeks, compared to the Pfizers 2-3 weeks. UK is on National lockdown from Wednesday onwards. A New Year, but groundhog day on the lockdowns. Still, Bostjan opening the schools and universities appears to have helped the spread, more children have brought it home to their parents, and people hadn't accounted for it spreading via air conditioning systems, which I thought was obvious from the get go.
    • bostjan64
      It probably already exists in the UK, but as of yesterday, the only confirmed cases of this new strain were in Africa. I think there might be some confusion, since there was a different, older new strain traced back to Europe last month. I had been strongly urging distance learning from March onward, and was quite vocal this fall toward our local government people, urging them not to send the kids back to school, yet government people both locally and nationally, here in the USA, have largely ignored the scientific community in favour of giving parents a break away from the kids.

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