• Because his ego requires him to be the hero everyone loves. He will never accept that a majority of Americans didn't like him better than Biden.
  • Because Trump is a big baby and can't deal with losing.
  • Well, maybe because they did.
    • bostjan64
      You are correct. Maybe they did. Maybe I'm the King of Iceland. Maybe your skin is made of aardvark boogers. Maybe eating dogpoop will make you smarter. You never know for sure until somebody proves something.
  • Maybe its because of the way they illegally changed voting laws at the last minute, hid votes, and used a ballot counting software designed to cheat.
  • In 2016, when Russian hackers interfered with the election, whether or not Trump was involved, it benefitted him and he not only impeded the investigation, but fired people over the investigation. Four years later, without any evidence, he is accusing Biden of cheating. Think about it, the judges ruling against Trump are the republican judges Trump appointed. It's ridiculous to think that those who should be loyal to him would arbitrarily all simultaneously decide to stab him in the back by ruling that there is no election fraud, or refusing to hear cases. The narrative pushed by Trump's cult is complete inconsistent nonsense. You can't prove a negative, though, and Trump knows this, so he is causing doubt in order to further divide the USA, which is what he's done all along.
  • Because he's a two-faced cheat himself.

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