• Do your own homework.
  • Both what surfaces? I'm just guessing that it is about shining light on two different colored surfaces or surfaces with different textures and it is about the difference in the amount of light (or color) that is reflected.
  • When light strikes a surface, one of many things can happen: 1. It might reflect off of the surface coherently, like a mirror. 2. It might reflect off of the surface incoherently, like a white wall. 3. It might be absorbed, and converted to another form of energy, like a black wall. 4. It might be reflected at some frequencies and absorbed at others, like a brown wall. 5. It might be absorbed at one frequency and re-emitted at another frequency, like a fluorescent green wall. 6. It might pass through, like a glass pane. or, 7. it might do any combination of those, like a translucent fluorescent white-ish green glow in the dark piece of plastic.

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