• Nope. If you want the see how government healthcare works, take a look at the VA system and all it's failures and the Indian Health Service. Terrible. People want the same idiots who run the DMV to run their healthcare?
  • I do not think the taxpayers should have to pay for everyone's health care. And I need to say that the BVAMC - Birmingham VA Medical Center has saved my life on many occasions and I have always been treated with respect and dignity at this facility (and I used to have to take infusions every week there which meant getting labs the day before not to mention all the scans and the team of doctors with which I had numerous appointments at great expense to the taxpayer). UAB Hospital was less so. But I think this is always a personal choice when it comes to how you treat others. I think it would be a nice thing to give away if it really were free, but its not. Getting the government involved is not a wise financial choice. And not many people talk about it, but there's a time when its time to die. Forcing people to live beyond their physical capabilities can become humiliating at some point. But who has the right to judge when the quality of life is gone? Do you want the government to decide when you are no longer worth the investment? What about your loved ones? I think this falls more along the lines of family taking care of family and churches taking care of their members than the responsibility of the government.

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