• Education, training and a cessation of hand outs. If no one gives you money you get up off your butt and earn a living!
  • Get a job and try harder. Celebrate those who succeed instead of vilifying them. Quit aiming for mediocrity.
  • Speak truth to power, which I will do right here if anyone with any power reads this. "inequality"? It's ridiculous that this country has let banks get away with billions of dollars of "inequality". I may be wrong, but it seems like I remember when savings accounts paid about 6% or 7% interest. At least 4%. Now it's what? One half of 1%? Putting money in a bank is essentially loaning your money to a bank. Who decides what interest they pay? And what is the interest rate on a loan from a bank? I'm pretty sure the phrase "Laughing all the way to the bank" was coined by a banker.
    • Archie Bunker
      Well, then you're free to not put your money in a bank. There are several other things to do with it.

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