• Basically, most of them prefer a used car is because of their financial status and standing in the same queue for the same suggestion. If you have a financial problem and looking to buy a used car then that is a good decision. But, before you need to check the condition, model, History of outstanding finance is a must check before buying.
  • Look for low mileage, one lady owner from new, check engine, look for dents, cracks, rust, and any obvious signs of damage, and check the wishbones. Run a car check on the vehicle to make sure it hasn't be stolen and to see what work it has had and hasn't had. Check smoke isn't coming from the exhaust. Test everything in the car, including air con even if it's winter, check there's no pull on the car, test brakes, check brake pads. Check for oil leaks. Best advice take a friend along with you who knows something about cars.
    • Linda Joy
      Take it to a jiffy lube and have them check it out, too!
    • Creamcrackered
      I had to google that Linda, because I'm in UK, and it sounded like something you'd use in the bedroom.
  • Depending on your age and weight, the driving conditions in your area you may want to get a scooter first. You can get a new one for the price of a used car. The safety factor in your area would be a definite consideration. And your age. They work well in the city. And you may be able to improve your credit by getting a smaller loan you can afford to pay back to get the scooter. Then after you pay that off you can trade it in on a used car, etc. Build your credit by paying back smaller loans.

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