• formula one car
    • bostjan64
      I've never been to an F1 race. My dad took me to an American drag race a couple of times, though, and those cars were loud and hot. Hearing protection was a necessity.
    • Creamcrackered
      Yes, it's deafening, I've got a track pretty local to me, unfortunately due to Covid 19 I've missed out on the races this year.
  • Not sure since I was wearing ear plugs or plugs and muffs, but huffers (gas turbine air compressors used to turn over a plane engine) and the plane engines themselves are loud. Explosions, and 60 elementary school children in one gym class can be really loud. Or bus duty when they ALL get out of school! The impact paint chipper is loud too, and jackhammers. What about you? There's probably something I forgot. Jog my old memory.
    • bostjan64
      I'm not sure. When I was 8 years old, my grandparents rented an apartment that was next to an air force base. There were a lot of loud noises there, probably all noises with which you would be familiar from your military service. We had some F35's fly over our workplace this summer, which was awe-inspiring and also very loud. I've been around a handful of explosions, including dynamite to blast a hole in a mountain, but the loudest explosion I ever heard was when some unfortunate worker next door was trying to weld a roof on a silo full of fertilizer and it blew the entire silo up. The building where I was working was probably 250-300 yards away, but it was loud enough to collapse the drop ceiling. It made mainstream news in Canada (Calgary, AB). The loudest continuous noise, though, that I've experienced, maybe surprising or probably not, was a rock concert. In a venue that held only a few dozen people, the band brought a wall of amplifiers. I had hearos earplugs and it was so loud it made the skin on my arms hurt. After a few minutes, everyone there had poured out into the parking lot (where it was still too loud) and then into their cars (where it was still too loud) and then everyone left, Even with the nice earplugs and only a few minutes of exposure, I still had that feeling like I was under water when I got home.

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