• There have been times when I have thought about it a lot, but my therapist says that's not a good idea, so I've chosen to put a stop to those thoughts when they enter my head. I've been diagnosed with depression and have considered suicide before, but I'm stopped by the fact that that's not the legacy I want to leave for my son and grandson. Children of suicide are much more likely to take their own lives. I know my sister committed suicide, and I've seen the statistics. I simply can't leave a final statement to my progeny that its ok to quit on life and take the coward's way out. My therapist once said "Suicide is not an act of love" its extremely selfish and puts others through pain. Man up! Even you chicks! Suck it up buttercup its not ok to dump your emotional pain on someone else just because its easier for YOU! Suck it up buttercup, get meds if you need them, don't let the disease defeat you! You can still find joy in the journey if you do the work!
  • My own? Yes...depression is a btch.... Others? ALL. THE. TIME., I've lost more than many ppl older than me do in such a short space of time, and I'm not handling it well ...better than I used to, it's less but it's still there
    • Linda Joy
      My email is in my profile if you want to talk about it. I have depression, too and I've had a lot of counseling. I may be able to say something that can help.
  • Yes, it's as certain as taxes, so not sure how you can avoid thinking of it.
    • Linda Joy

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