• Do you think will ever get free Solar Power to serve Electric for power for our homes etc?
  • Why would it be free? Solar Power systems take a lot of maintenance. Why do you think it should be given to you? Just the basic liberal gimmie culture? Even The Bible says man shall eat by the sweat of his brow, and six days shalt thou labor! You're supposed to work for a living not expect someone else to work and give it to you for free!
  • Well, back in 2010-ish, we did have exactly that. There were so many solar tax credit programs, that it was possible to pay up to about $10k for a solar system and get a tax rebate of up to $5k from the federal government, and, most states were also offering similar incentives that could be used in conjunction with the federal programs. For example, I bought a solar system in 2010, got half the money I spent back on my federal taxes, and then got one third of the money back on my state taxes, meaning that I only paid 1/6th of the cost out of pocket. It was very simple, too. I bought mine Army Surplus and kept the receipt, then simply went to the energy star website, printed the form, and submitted it with my tax deductions that January. The federal programs are not quite as generous anymore, since the time for early adopters has long passed, but many of the state programs are in effect still, and there may be local programs you can utilize as well.
  • Solar power is unreliable at best and vast swaths of land are needed for solar arrays to even serve small cities. Take a look at the state mandated rolling black outs in California and let me know how that's working out.

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