• A friend of mine grew nearly a foot after graduating from high school. Now he's one of the tallest people I know, just a few inches shy of 7 feet tall. My brother, who is seven years older than me, had a friend as a teen who was only an inch or two taller than me, who ended up getting a late growth spurt at 19 or 20, and now he's 5'11. You won't know until you are 23 or 24 if you are done growing or not. There are a lot of complications from having surgery, especially trying to make such an extreme outcome. 21 cm?! It's your money and your body, though, so do whatever you want, but I recommend using patience and wisdom rather than whatever it is you are trying to do.
    • Light Reaper
      i like motivational growth spurts stories it gives me hope, but its been 4 years straight, this surgery is something that will happeb when im about 27 years old

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