• I think of equality as in the application or treatment of the law, which is Justice.
    • Linda Joy
      I saw a pic once that helped me understand the difference. There were three people trying to see over a fence and three crates to stand on. One person was tall enough to see over without a crate, one could see over with one crate and one needed two crates to stand on to see over the fence. Eqauity was each person getting one crate but justice was when the tall person gave the crate they didn't need to the shortie who needed it.
    • Qagidi
      That's really good one, Linda Joy, one I will always remember!
    • Steven Bell
  • Justice is morally right and fair treatment. Equality is treating things (people) the same. I believe that a certain degree of discrimination is not only justifiable, but necessary for justice. If a person stole something from me, I think it is right to discriminate based on the value of what was stolen and the circumstances around the theft. If the person stole an apple from a tree on my property because their child was hungry, I don't think any punishment against them would be prudent. On the other hand, if the person stole my car because they wanted to trade it for recreational drugs, I'd demand serious restitution. Discriminating the value of what was stolen apple vs. car, and discriminating the circumstances basic needs vs. greed is necessary to form a morally right decision. If both parties from the two examples above were sentenced to a month in jail, I think we would generally agree that one punishment is too harsh and the other too lenient.

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