• Physically fell? Winter of 2018. I slipped and fell in my own yard. It was spectacular, too! My neighbour saw it happen and asked if I was okay. I'm surprised he didn't laugh.
    • Linda Joy
      In what way was it spectacular? You didn't get hurt though, right?
    • bostjan64
      I was holding a tote of water, slipped on a patch of ice, did a 180 degree turn in mid-air, threw the water (which went almost perfectly vertical and landed about two feet away), wound up face-up horizontal when I hit the ground, then slid on my back under my own car.
    • Linda Joy
      That does sound pretty spectacular! Wish I'd seen it!
  • True story- I slipped on a banana peel in a busy fast food restaurant a few years ago. Who even brings a banana into a fast food place? I don't remember being physically hurt, but, I'm one of those people that turns bright red when embarrassed.
  • It was many years ago I fell on sidewalk it was night and thankful I didn't get hurt it was a close call
  • Oh. Nearly fell a few days ago in a public place with people around. Not graceful at all. Exact details, can't remember.
  • I crossed a road, mind was elsewhere, the curb had an extra ridge that hooked my foot and crash😈! Luckily I did a breakfall so only grazed my elbow. I felt such an ass! (Err, that's UK English meaning donkey)

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