• Depends on what planet you come from because intelligence is relative - you get it from your relatives! Its not your fault!
    • Linda Joy
      Actually my son and grandson are smarter than I am and I think theirs and mine were all influenced by early education.
    • Linda Joy
      But also on the other end of the spectrum, my niece has an IQ of 40 something and I'm amazed at the things she has been able to learn how to do. Many with an IQ of 40 are barely verbal. Because she is verbal people think she can understand far more that she is capable. But she almost always has a smile on her face! She has taught me a lot!
  • For all we know it may be the only intelligent life that exists.
    • bostjan64
      Maybe that should be phrased as "For all we know, it may be the closest thing to intelligent life that exists." Although, after most of the events of 2020, I'm beginning to think that it's likely that humans just think that they are intelligent, but actually have no control over their own destinies.

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