• Well... I went to get groceries, but I can't possibly be held accountable for whether or not anyone else was breaking social distancing rules so stop spying on us for 'the man', man! The socialists are taking over! haha just kidding, man!
    • Linda Joy
      I guess I just didn't give my post to this category enough time to show up? Because this one showed up just fine! Anyway another reason its slow is because its spring kids are graduating and some of the restrictions have been lifted in the areas where its safe to do so. Many had a tendency to go on vacations in these months before covid. Another business damaged by the shutdown! The beaches are opening so that's a plus. Our hospitals are ready for business. They're laying people off! But that trend should change with lifted restrictions on non emergent cases. People will start getting a lot sicker and dying from not being treated for their underlying conditions! catch 22? And then on what/whom do you blame for the death? covid or government restrictions on non emergent care? I need to go chop veggies!
    • James Corbyn
      I'm here;) Have been working.
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  • It's usually the same folks wandering in and out. Not many new players.

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