• Nothing. Ever heard the phrase "thinning the herd"? That's when you let people who are too stupid to protect themselves from danger die. (same thing that should have been done instead of making laws regarding cell phones!) That way only the smart people survive making the entire herd smarter. Are you seriously trying to tell me that there are people out there that still don't know how to protect themselves? Besides that this flu is not even as prevalent as most flu. Never before in history have Americans allowed the government so much power and control. And just look what they did with it!! Besides that, if you wouldn't let Trump do heart surgery on you then why leave it to him to protect you from this? Damnit Jim he's not a doctor! Why do you want to lay this at his feet? He already did his job and passed it off to the locals which is exactly what he needed to do!! Now you need to decide if your local government is doing a good job with it. STOP TRYING TO BLAME TRUMP. Its not even his job anymore.
  • What more can he do? Trump encouraged Americans to wear masks, gloves and practice social distance. Anything else beyond taking safety precautions relies on the people who think the pandemic is a joke.

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