• Depends on who offers it. If it was a medical professional and I was in a hospital setting and they said it would help I might. I have never done LSD. I hear its kinda trippy. In a hospital setting if anything went wrong they'd take care of me. If it was an individual I'd be less likely to try it, but I might try just a little to see what its like. Not trying to be cheeky, but why did you assume everyone would say no?
    • Cry me a River
      ever use a butter knife? I just was buttering my bread on the other side
    • Linda Joy
      I usually use a spoon. Dip it with one side, spread it with the other, but that's just a personal preference. My ex once asked me if I could put mayo on the inside of his grilled cheese. Have you ever tried to put butter on one side and mayo on the other side of a piece of bread? I'll give you hint born of experience: build it in the pan. Good news is it CAN be done!
  • If I was at home, with a good friend perhaps, and not too physically uncomfortable- maybe? If I was bedridden in a hospital- no way! That’d be terrifying. How about you?
  • No. I would want to be in control of my faculties and who's to say you won't experience a bad trip?
  • No. Had enough of every sort of psychedelic I could find over the course of twenty+ years as a 'psychonaut'. I think I'm good. One of these days I might try out the pot/hash oil at the local dispensary for old times sake.
  • Not unless someone had determined that LSD was a cure for Corona. And when you ask, "Why not?", the answer that jumps into my head is, "Why would I ever want to do so? What possible reason could there be?" You'd might as well ask me, "If you could be mauled by a bear, and suffer no legal or societal consequences in doing so, why wouldn't you try it out?"

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