• Speaking as an American, we don't care what the British are doing or what pot you're stirring.
  • I don't care where anyone is from if they're stirring the pot I'll call it like I see it. Actually I've learned a lot more about British things because of some of the British people who post on this site. Some are very kind and good people. One in particular comes here to cause trouble, but I would never assume all British people are like her. I've met too many kind and good Britts to let one bad apple ruin the whole bunch. America is a small country, and a young one, but there is no denying we are the most influential country in the world. Just google it. Still everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even if they are wrong.
  • I haven't had a problem with British people. My best friend on social media is British. I also know an AB member by the name of Creamcrackered who is British. Both are kind and generous. It's Americans who are always stirring the pot. You can tell how vulgar and ungrateful they are by their answers. This is why Canadians hate us, you can't trust Mexico, Central and South America as our neighbors, and the Brits are not far away from hating us too if they continue to get belittled. As Americans, we are supposed to care for our neighbors, especially Great Britain who are the US's closest ally.

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