• Ruffalo is a big Bernie Sanders supporter. I assume he is a democratic socialist. Maybe that means he will give away his money, just like Bernie did with his $2.5 million... oh wait... hmm.
    • Archie Bunker
      Yeah, right? I find it comical that a guy who makes $6m for playing dress up for a movie, supports a socialist against capitalism. A guy who is also a millionaire himself and who got that way by......capitalism.
  • The problem is unchecked capitalism, especially in the healthcare system and the private sector arms profiteers who's shares go down when diplomacy reigns. i support Bernie and Mark's efforts to expose the extremes of capitalism that harm the greater good.Another example is Nestle water extraction(250K gallons daily) causing local wells to go brown or dry up. Nor should municipal water works be for sale. These questions and arguments need to go deeper in nuance than the all good/all bad labels. Capitalism is great as long as it does no harm to the greater good. So a good question I will pose is "What should never be for sale?"
    • Linda Joy
      So have you ever asked that question on here? If so will you send me the link so I can answer it?
    • Archie Bunker
      If Mark is such the capitalist warrior, why doesn't he give away his millions? Why is he engaging in capitalism by making $6m to pretend to be someone else? The same question goes for that other jagoff, Michael Moore. They're so against capitalism, and yet they're millionaires. It's easy to cry about the system when you're sitting in a Bentley.
  • Do they lie on purpose, or are they really THAT IGNORANT? "The Brookings study, by Homi Kharas, asserts that in just two years — 2020 — the majority of the world's estimated 7.5 billion people will be "middle class." Kharas defines middle class as anyone who can pay for food, shelter and clothing, with enough left to supply some luxuries, including TV, a motorbike or car, higher education, home improvements and better food."
    • bostjan64
      Maybe everything except the college education might not be so far fetched. It's difficult to find anyone around here without a smartphone and a big screen tv. If the situation is the same in China and India, well, there's most of the world's human population.
    • Archie Bunker
      During my time in Iraq, I found one thing seemed to be universal. Despite living in mud-brick houses and having dirt floors, every single household had a TV. Sure, the power lines were held up with sticks, but MTV was rocking the music. Priorities, I guess.
  • Yet another dumb ass commie from hollywood.

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