• My small business is a corporation, and yes, I get paid more than my employees. And that's because I'm the one who put the capital into it. The last one to get paid. The one who's at work when when it's necessary to be there, not because I'm told. And the one who looses everything if the business goes under. If the workers want more money, they should put more skin in the game or go and start their own business.
  • Own your own business and give YOUR EMPLOYEES all the money. See how long that lasts when you don't have enough money to restock the shelves! HAHAHAHAHA! Can you give everyone equal knowledge and skill sets? If you don't like your wage, get a better job. Not all workers are worth the same pay! Not all workers put forth the same effort, not all workers are responsible, show up on time and not all workers have customer service skills. Not all workers invested a boatload of time, money and hard work in their education or business, training, internship, apprenticeship. How can you blindly say everyone should be paid the same? That's not justice, its entitlement issues! Its robbing from those who've earned it and giving to those who haven't. NOT JUSTICE! ENTITLEMENT ISSUES!

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