• Wow, I wish I was a part of that study: getting paid some fat government grant money to sit around eating candy, only to deduce something everyone already knows. You put out a Reese's Cup, a Necco Wafer, a Mary Jane, a pair of wax lips, and a handful of candy corn on the table, then tell twenty kids they can only pick one, and watch them all pick the peanut butter cup (except maybe the one who picks his nose instead). No contest!
    • Linda Joy
      I'd choose the candy corn. Of that bunch the reeses would be my last choice.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Candy corn tastes like someone melted wax and mixed it with white sugar. LOL. To each her own.
    • Archie Bunker
      Candy corn ain't bad, but I can live on Reese Cups. And bacon.
    • Army Veteran
      You need to specify Mary Jane *candy*. Kids nowadays would pick the mary jane first, smoke it, and then come back for the rest of the candy.
  • I guess among the kids they studied... Personally I go for the snickers first, then the chocolate, nestles, hersheys, bars kisses and even the tootsie rolls before I'd go for the reeses cup. I'd choose reeses pieces before the cup as well. Not that I'd pass them over, mind you! Suckers and gum might even last till next halloween! Not including the blow pops and tootsie pops, of course! What's your favorite?
    • Archie Bunker
      Reeses is da shit!! Payday bars are a close second. But I hate Reeses Pieces.
  • I think they got bumped to #2!
  • Reeses PB cups are - surprisingly - the most popular candy in the U.S. Period. I never liked them much personally, but you can't argue with sales figures.

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