• More. I can usually use the leftover. But it depends on cost as well. Always more when it comes to toilet tissue! haha. I crochet, but I'm not good at knowing exactly how much I will need for a project. One place I don't buy more is when it comes to food I like best fresh. I live alone and don't have easy access to transportation so I have to be careful when it comes to tomatoes. And Aldi doesn't sell tomatoes individually. But most things will keep. And its more economical to stock up when the price is low. And when you think about it prices keep going up so you'd be better off buying it now! And you never know when something might happen - like you hurt your foot/ankle and you live alone and have no one else to go get some groceries you'll be thankful you stocked up! And after being stuck in bed for a week you begin to rethink what would be helpful in the emergency kit.
  • I buy how much I need

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