• Don't recall ever swimming in a sea per se. I've swum in oceans, creeks and rivers. They're all good. But I prefer the pool because its just across the parking lot, and I think its cleaner.
    • Creamcrackered
      Our oceans are not that great to swim in, I'm always afraid I'm going to bump into a floating brown handled pen knife from the sewer, ewww.
    • Linda Joy
      We used to live in Jacksonville FL, and went to the beach often. Once I was standing on a 4X4 beam sticking up about a foot to a foot and a half and when I jumped down off it I must have landed on a little jellyfish. It stung and swelled up for a few days.
  • I hate swimming.
  • Sure, so long as there is no, or minimal, pollution and there are no hungry sharks or idiot boaters around.
  • Nope. I'm scared shitless of sharks.
  • Sure. Its quite a workout even though I swim a minute here a minute there. Dad used to love it. Maybe it was from his Navy experience.
  • No. I prefer a clean sandy beach lake, or a pool with a diving board. I think too many people pee in the sea, maybe that's why it's so salty ?. : )

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