• That is a tough question for me. But I'll give it a go. . . I sense the time of day like it's morning noon and so on what position the sun is. I don't have a sun dial anymore that sucker was very difficult to turn in the spring and fall. But now some states are going to one time instead of daylight savings time. 😆 Actually I have never had a sun dial. But it wore me out thinking of turning it.
    • Linda Joy
      I had to lol at the part where you said thinking about it wore you out! I can relate!
  • I have a tendency to go off topic and lose track of time if I don't have a clock nearby. By the way, is that a ringneck parakeet? Some sort of fancy mutation? They are typically green, right? And is it true that only the males actually have rings around their necks? Ever heard of that culture in southeast Asia, where the women place brass rings around their necks? I wonder if they got the idea from the parrots, but if only the male parrots and female humans have rings around their necks, then the dimorphism is inverted, although chromosomally, human males are XY/females XX, and with birds, males are ZZ and females ZW, so I guess that makes sense. Speaking of Y and W, did you know that both are considered semivowels. Y is a vowel in words like "anyway," but w is only very rarely used as a vowel. For example "cwm," which is a circular basin in a mountain (rhymes with boom). Speaking of which, there is a really cool cwm in New Hampshire that looks like a giant dentist's spit sink. Did you know that the chair at the dentist's office is called a "dental engine?" Speaking of engines...
  • It was much better when I went to work every day and slept at least once a day/night. Now I don't. So it doesn't matter what time it is or what day of the week it is either for that matter. When you go for 72 hours without sleep its difficult to remember anything! Thankfully I haven't done that lately. But if I have an appointment or need to be ready at a certain time I am. I think being late is telling the other person with your actions that your time is more important than theirs. That's rude.
  • Seems good enough. I have this quirk where I wake up at 5am every morning.

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