• What is your source?
    • Stpauligerle
      It was a tv program. Can't recall the name.
    • Linda Joy
      Charles denied she was a prostitute. And the rumor about the vodka was supposedly a pitcher of beer and the person who gave it to her was a woman, and the child was returned within days according to the rumor I read. Besides that, many famous people were abused as children and didn't choose to become mass murderers because of it.
    • Stpauligerle
      Well then I can't back up my shit without the name of the tv show so ill retract.
  • Genetics: Charles Manson's biological parents were both criminals, and his grandparents, from what I understand, were criminals as well. Environment: Manson's stepdad was abusive, and the adults around during his childhood were all pieces of crap. By the time Charles Manson was 13 years old, he already had taken to stealing whatever he could, including firearms. Even though his home life was complete chaos, his IQ was assessed as being moderately above average, and he was known to have had some manipulative influence over other people by the age of 19. I don't think his mother selling him was what messed him up, I think, more generally, having a mother who would sell her child to a stranger for a drink, would lead to a series of other problems that would likely mess a person up. Sharing genetic material with some pretty horrible pieces of crap and then being raised by those same sorts of pieces of crap undoubtedly didn't help him break the cycle.
    • Linda Joy
      Are you talking about his maternal or paternal grandparents being criminals? What is your source?
    • bostjan64 Charles Manson's family tree. He was a direct descendant of John "Buttermilk" McCoy (1788-1872), uncle of Ole Ran'I McCoy (of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud). His maternal grandfather, whom he was named after, and who passed away before he was born, was (supposedly, according to my grandmother, who is now deceased) in a knife fight with my great-grandfather in Kentucky. I know it's hearsay, but that's all I've got, thus the qualification "from what I understand."
  • There are thousands of people who are abused as children and don't turn out that way.

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