• A murderer can't walk into a hospital and say hey I found these organs laying around why don't you give me money for them. It doesn't work like that
    • Linda Joy
      Of course not, its illegal! They'd use the black market!
  • If only they did not murder. 😏
  • Yes. But most murders are not done by people with good business sense. If the plan was truly to maximize profit, you'd kidnap the person and force them to withdraw all of their money while making counterfeit sneakers and handbags until they died from exhaustion, then harvest their organs. I can pretty much guarantee that any one clever enough to potentially pull off such a plan wouldn't be financially desperate enough to resort to murder, though. I don't even think I ever watched the Ted Bundy documentary - I think it's still in the shrinkwrap in a footlocker.
    • Linda Joy
      I guess that's why they usually just sell them alive. But if they just happened to get shot in the crossfire why not? Or is that just another example of our capitalist infected minds? I'm just thinking it'd be a good idea for someone who needed a part. I'm not suggesting murder, just conservation of a corpse. I think Netflix has something on Ted Bundy.
  • No. Mainly as hygiene and organ quality are more important than the organ. It's why organ harvesting is not a thing - even in poorer countries. The costs of cleanly extracting the organ and preserving it to a high enough quality that it can be transplanted is stupidly high. Think cryogenics level high for a successful transplantable frozen organ. Hence why "live" transplants are performed instead, where the organ holder is going to die or is recently dead, if essential organ. The costs are a lot lower.
    • Linda Joy
      Wrong again! "11,000 human organs were obtained on the black market in 2010, according to the WHO. That organization states that an organ is sold every hour, each day, every day of the year. Scheper-Hughes calls the demand for human body parts—organs and tissues—“insatiable." " It goes on to say: "The UN is even looking into reports that ISIS, the wealthiest terrorist group ever, may be in the business of selling its victim's organs. UN special envoy Nickolay Mladenov said that the matter is being investigated. " And: "Meanwhile, Scherper-Hughes says organ trafficking in wartime, particularly in dirty wars or those with undisciplined armies, is not uncommon."

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