• 1. Fill your pockets with glitter and any time anyone pisses you off throw glitter at them. It won't hurt them, but they won't be able to get it off without a thorough shower! 2. Take a nerf gun to work and shoot them! Wait, why are you stressed? Is it the work, the customers, your co-workers, deadlines? Maybe you could lock the door and 'accidentally' loose the key. Sorry boss, I couldn't open the store today! You could get a different job. And might have to after pulling that one! haha. But at least with unemployment at its lowest in history there's another job down the road. Did I mention I'm retired? Of course this all depends on what the job means to you and what you have invested. But overall just don't take it so seriously, don't let it get to you. Stress can and often does cause serious illness! You might want to evaluate what you need to change. This also depends on what de-stresses you. Nature is a great stress reliever! Watching fish swim, floating in water, watching a fire or candle burn, walking on grass or sand with bare feet, walking a nature trail, prayer and meditation. Could you be more specific about what causes the stress and what strategies you have tried? There is a good list on this question:
  • pray and be thankful you have a job, wish i did
  • WORK (Unknown) If you work and do your best, You'll get the sack like all the rest, But if you laze and sod about, You'll live to see the job right out. The work is hard, the pay is small, So take your time, and sod them all, 'Cos when you're dead, you'll be forgot, So don't try doing the bleeding lot, Or on your tombstone neatly lacquered, These three words.... Just Bleeding Knackered
  • Tell the boss to quit hovering over your shoulder so you can get some work done.
  • Grow some balls. Or quit.

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