• Never knew who she was.... She put me in a cardboard box and left me at a Bus station.... That's all I knew about her...can't say that I miss her... Never knew her.
    • pearllederman
      did she really do that?
    • Linda Joy
      I'm like that about my father. He left when I was two and I don't really remember him.
  • My mother was like most women, in love with herself.
  • yes, rny parents have been gone for yrs, and ive never had kids so i dont even have that, plus in church when they were handing out flowers they skipped rne and i felt left out, not to rnention no one asked rne out to lunch or anything so i got stuck at horne all day, didnt want that cause i wanted to get rny rnind off the fact that rny rnother wasnt there
  • Not yet..I just gave her a hanging basket of flowers for Mother's day.

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