• Got out of The Navy.
  • I was a student. I lived in Detroit, Michigan. I obtained my purple belt in Tang Su Do. I ate a lot of chicken and drank a lot of peach juice. My best friend's older brother shot one of the neighborhood dogs, and a kid who lived a few houses north of us drown. A kid at my school tested HIV positive, and died two years later. Kids were wearing stonewashed blue jeans with loud fluorescent paint splattered on them. Glow in the dark stuff was everywhere. Guns and Roses was a popular rock band. There was rap music, but nobody I knew was really talking about until a year or two later.
    • Linda Joy
      I earned a purple belt in karate! It was the prettiest one so I didn't pursue anymore. lol
  • Graduated high school
  • i had gallstones and surgery for it that yr

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