• An S&P Index fund
    • Boola Boo
      I looked it up. How do you know which one to invest in?
  • I don't know the first thing out investing. You have to have enough money to lose if it happens, unless you have expert knowledge. I won't take the chance with the little I have. (which is not mine, I have to pay it back)
    • Linda Joy
      Do you buy lotto tickets?
  • a fat sack :P
  • I'm probably not the best person from whom to take investment advice. Honestly, the more effort I have put into researching something, the worse the investment has turned out. I bought stock in a sandwich shop once and hit the jackpot when the shop ended up taking off just two weeks later, and the stock literally quadrupled in price. I also had a bunch of GM stock that I sold for $40/share, because I was looking to buy a house. It was 2008. A year later, that stock was worth less than $10, and a year after that, it was worth less than a dollar. On the other hand, I thought investing in bitcoin would be a good idea. I did okay with it at first, but then bought Chinese stock in computer component manufacturers with the bitcoin, after watching the stock steadily grow for several months. A week later, the company in which I invested went bankrupt. I bought another (domestic) stock some years ago after keeping an eye on it for several months, and after I bought it, it plateaued and never paid any dividends, so when I finally sold it years later, I got exactly the price I paid for it. If you have enough cash, though, and you want a more diversified investment, you should probably look into a mutual fund, but whatever you do, don't buy government bonds right now unless you don't want your money - the bond yield curve is inverted right now, so a $50 will be worth $49 when it matures.
    • Linda Joy
      I'd be more likely to invest in the marijuana industry, provided its backed by someone who knows what they're doing like a big tobacco or spirits/alcohol distribution company.
    • bostjan64
      A lot of my friends have already taken the plunge. I'm a little worried about the level of motivation in the industry. I might invest in snack food manufacturers, though, if it starts taking off. LOL
    • Linda Joy
      The end users might not be super motivated but that doesn't mean the industry personnel aren't! Just look at big pharma. Gotta lol at your last clause "if it starts taking off"
    • bostjan64
      All joking aside, that's correct - it's a super hot industry. Look at this stock's performance: of course, it's a Canadian company, because pot is still illegal at the federal level (Controlled Substances Act of 1970).
  • AI companies. That industry is gonna burst at the seams.
    • Linda Joy
      So true! Drone deliveries and autonomous air taxis! In which ones do you invest?

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