• To start, a cloud must be formed in the atmosphere by warmer air at the surface rising in to cooler air aloft. The water vapor in the air is condensed onto tiny pieces of dust and collected together to create the cloud. Inside the cloud, swirling winds blow water droplets around. When the water droplets bump into each other, they join together. Eventually, the droplets become heavy enough and start to fall.
  • god does all that
  • In the clouds, by water vapor molecules getting all excited and dancing around. They condense around dust particles in the air and join and become droplets eventually too heavy to stay in the air then they crash to the ground, giving the air and the earth a shower washing some of the dust and pollution out of the air and cleaning the trees and flowers and grass bringing life giving water, cleansed by the natural distillation process! I think this is what people mean when they say "fresh water" which is really and oxymoron because all the water we've had since the beginning of the world is as old as the world is.

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