• probably the injections
  • Having done both neither is very pleasent for long. But injections into the stomach to prevent blood clots which is wy I had to take them ) stung like a nest of hornets during and 10 minutes after.
    • Linda Joy
      Mine's not so bad after all. Maybe they have been improved. The only time it hurts is when my hand tremors are bad and the needle kinda pulls the skin because I have to hold it in there for ten seconds after I inject to make sure the full dose is administered.
  • The injections are pretty much a non-issue after you've done them a few times. I've done them in the past, I'd choose that.
    • Linda Joy
      I was very apprehensive, but you're right! Its nothing. I'm glad I refused the other medication. Now there's just the issue of adjusting to the medication itself. Thank you.
  • The latter. Needles don't bother me.
  • the injections
  • Tough decision to have to make. You have plenty of toilet paper, don't you? 😬
  • I had ED for a while and had to inject medication into my cock. lol. It wasn't much fun injecting, but the result was great.
  • injection

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